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Cage Linen Plain Sheer

This sheer fabric is wonderfully light ,and soft.

This is sold by the meter (quantity means meters)


  • EXTRA-WIDE of 300cm: You may use this fabric sideways to the full height of your room, making it especially useful when making curtains for large windows or curtains from the ceiling to the floor asawell as a wide window. You can avoid unsightly seams in your extra-wide curtains.


Material:100% Polyester
Width:300 cm
Weight (g/m²):77gr/m2
Features:sheer, light, soft
Use:Curtains / Drapes
Feel/HangingHangs well, soft feel

Cage Linen Sheer Fabric 300cm White

    • Water temperature of 30degrees
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Low temperature ironing
    • Do not dry clean
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