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Interior Designing

Bespoke Curtains

At our company, we believe that you should never compromise your vision when it comes to your curtains. That is why we've developed a step-by-step customisation process that makes it easy for anyone to buy our bespoke curtains.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1

Measure your window(s) and note down the measurements while using our measuring guide. If you can't measure your windows yourself, get in touch with us to schedule a measuring appointment 


Step 2

Giving us your measurements can be done in a few ways which ever is more convenient for you:

Online form / Email - Simply send us your measurements and we will calculate an estimated price based on our average pricing

Visit our store - You can pop into our showroom and provide our staff with your measurements. You can choose everything there and receive a quotation straight away.


Step 3

Choosing your style, heading and fabrics! We have a wide range to choose from so our expertise will guide with what would suit you best and help you choose the perfect curtains.


Step 4

Once everything is chosen and you have received your final quote which you are happy with we would then need a deposit to be paid. Once your deposit is received we would begin to process your order.


Final Step

Waiting for your order to be completed

You will be informed of the time lead before placing your order. Once it is complete we will contact you and schedule an installation / collection date.


Curtain Brochure
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